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Selected Photos from the George Greenacre Photo Contest

George Greenacre was a railfan who was instrumental in the formation and administration of the Association until his death in 1999. His family set up a fund in his honor to present an award to the best photograph taken during the annual Cass Railfan Weekend or other event sponsored by the Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association.

This album presents the winning photos from each year starting in 2000, as well as a variety of other entries that did not win an award.

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GPC2007 P Martin-ECs

GPC2007 T Martin-ECs

GPC2007 T Scriptunast-ECs

GPC2007 T Wilt-EC2s

GPC2007 T Wilt-ECs

GPC2008 B Merlavage-1st

GPC2008 W Scriptunas-2nd

GPC2008 T Wilt-3rd

GPC2008 M Rujak-EC

GPC2008 T Scriptunas-EC

GPC2009 T Willoughby-1sts

GPC2009 T Willoughby 2nds

GPC2009 C Massart-3rds

GPC2009 M Rujac-3rds

GPC2009 T Willoughby-3rds

GPC2009 T Wilt-3rds

GPC2010 M Thomas-1st

GPC2010 M Hardin-2nd

GPC2010 T Willoughby-3rd

GPC2010 C Crosby-EC

GPC2010 D Kinnison-EC

GPC2010 J Kay-EC

GPC2010 T Willoughby-EC

GPC2010 T Willoughby-EC2

GPC2011 Michael Summers 1st

GPC2011 Sean Frederick 2nd

GPC2011 Mike Rujak 3rd+

GPC2011 Mike Rujak 3rd

GPC2011 M Summers- 3rd

GPC2011 Sean Frederick EC

GPC2011 Tammy Wilt EC

GPC2011 G A Bosley EC

GPC2011 Vivian Ohs EC

GPC2012 L Bogaty-1st

GPC2012 L Bogaty-2nd a

GPC2012 L Bogaty-2nd b

GPC2013 T Steele-1st

GPC2013 T Steele-2nd

GPC2013 L Bogaty-3rd

GPC2014 T Steele 1st

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