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Climax Restoration Project Work Sessions

You might think that you do not possess any of the fine skills that are necessary to do locomotive work. Not true. Much of the work just involves painting, wire brush-ing, and nuts and bolts assembly. This is an opportunity for you to be involved and be part of this historic project. All of your lodging, and meals are provided and the accommodation's are in typical Company house living style. 

All volunteers must be current MSR&LHA members.

A Schedule of the upcoming work weekends is below.

If you are interested in attending a work session please contact the Project Manager, Grady Smith, to let him know of your interest. 

Contact information:
Grady Smith
  Phone: 740-373-2895 (evenings)
Note: There is always a need for a welder able to build up worn parts for re-manufacturing. Must be able to weld without flux inclusions. 
Prior notice that you will be attending a session is required so we can be sure there is sufficient food, housing, and work projects for everyone. Please do not just show up at a session and expect to be productive.
Please do not embarrass everyone by showing up without prior arrangements for food or lodging.  
Upcoming work session dates:  

Work session dates for the rest of 2015 and the first few months of 2016 will be posted soon.
Information for volunteers:
Every volunteer working on any Association project must be a currently active (dues paid) Association member.  Everyone is also required to sign a liability waiver for the State of West Virginia prior to doing any volunteer work.  Housing for volunteers is provided dormitory style in a house in Cass.  Meals are supplied by the Association.  Volunteers normally arrive on Friday evening, work a long day on Saturday and on Sunday morning, and head home early Sunday afternoon.  

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