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The truck with the bolster and side bars in place, but prior to removing the plank from under the side frame bolts (on the right side). The vee shaped truss rod is new; the old one was worn half in two, due to the truck settling down because of many broken springs, and worn journal bearings, and worn cross box components. There is close to three inches of clearance under the truss rods now, but this will decrease when the weight of the locomotive is placed on the truck. We will be sure to dust the truck before the Rail Fan Weekend show and tell session, about three weeks from now. The two rectangular pockets on the bolster are to hold the side bearing blocks, which limit how far the locomotive may rock sideways. The gap between the locomotive frame and side bearings is 3/8 inch minimum, and 3/4 inch maximum. In this case the lesser is better.

Photo by Rick Brigger.
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