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November 13-14, 2010 Work Session

A nice sized group of about ten showed up for the work session. A lot of work was done. Paul and Matt rough turned cross box bearings all day Saturday and a bit beyond noon Sunday. There are six cross boxes, so there are lots of bearing halves to machine.

Another gang worked towards getting the half-round trim strip ready to be riveted to the top edge of the water tank. Both strips they worked on needed to be bent around the round corners of the tank, which took some time to figure everything out.

Gang three worked at filling in the grossly misshapen bolt holes in the truck cross tie bars where the brake hangers attach. The holes were countersunk from both ends, then welded closed, and ground flush. Drilling new holes will take place when all brake rigging is in hand. Three shaper and mill hands worked on readying the female center plates for final milling and lathe contouring.








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