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February 20-21, 2010 Work Session

Truck assembly
correcting a machining mistake
machining thrust plates
grinding lapped cylinder seals

A - Checking fit of spring pads on truck frame part

B - Awaiting pedastals

C - Waiting for next pedastal

D - Lowering pedastal into place onto bolt

E - Installing pedastal bolt where spring pad locates

F - Putting truck end-crossbar in place

F-1 End crossbar in place and tightening nuts

G - End crossbar fit between top bar and newly bent bottom archbar

H - Assembling truck frame

k - Tighting truck bolts

L - Drilling brake cylinder mounting holes with magnetic base drill

M - Brake cylinder bolted in place

N - Facing the end of another bolster swivel plate

P - Axle thrust bushing ready to be turned to proper thickness

Q - Facing cut on axle thrust bushing

R - Christy cutting axle thrust bushing down on lathe

S - Al applying carbide grinding compound to steam cylinder cover for lapping a smooth seal

T - Al checking progress on lapping of cylinder head seal

U - Al and Bill lapping seal for cylinder by rotating head with grinding compound back and forth and rotating it around

V - Al and Bill enjoying sitting down on the job

W - Laying out design of bolster swivel plate in preparation for mass removal of excess steel prior to lath work.

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