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January 16-17, 2010 Work Session

Grady Smith needs to provide a summary of what was done at this work session.

13 -A finished bolster swivel plate half

14 - Old worn out male-female bolster swivel plates

03 - Mass wasting steel removal from steel block on milling machine making new bolster swivel plate

05 - Edge mill bit taking bite out of steel block for bolster swivel plate

06 - Progress at bulk metal removal on bolster swivel plate

08 - Bolster swivel plate roughed out and ready to put in lathe for finishing

09- -Preparing roughed out bolster swivel plate blank to place on lathe for finish turning

10 - Lou Aprile and Al Leyh placing bolster swivel plate blank into lathe chuck

11 - Centered in lathe chuck and ready to start turning bolster swivel plate roughed out blank

12 - Rounding corners off on bolster swivel plate to allow clearance for tool carriage on lathe

15 - Old arch bar clamped to mill for minor repair work

16 - Lou Aprile using mill to clean hole in old arch bar truck frame support

17-0 - Grady preparing arch bar for welding repair.

17-1 - Preparing to make a welding fill repair to an old truck arch bar

18 - Removing hole guide insert from arch bar being repaired

19 - Welded up arch bar repair with surface ground smooth - needing hole redrilled

A-0 - Steve Niederriter cutting end off old arch bar to be template to bend a new one

A-1 - Inserting bolt thru side frame during assembly

A-2 - Grady checking alignment and fit of pieces of arch bar truck side frame prior to bending new archbar

A-3 - Tightening bolts during truck side frame assembly

A-4 - Truck side frame almost ready to bend the long ends into new arch bar frame support

A-12 - Side frame clamped and supported as heating with torch begins to bend top arch bar frame support

A-5 - Grady heating steel bar so it can be bent into new arch bar frame support

A-6 - Heating underside prior tp bending into shape

A-7 - Making first bend - bending takes several people

A-8 - Almost bent to correct angle

A-9 - Pat Lenard holding template while Grady checks angle of bend on new arch bar frame support

A-11 - Moving second truck side frame into place to bend new arch bar frame support

A-13 - Heating to bend the second side frame arch bar - first side frame with completed bends in foreground

A-14 - Grady heating steel -Al Leyh using sledge hammer to assist Steve Neideriter and Jon Canary in bending steel bar to shape

A-15 - Bill Liebman checking template against bend on second side frame - needs a little more bending to fit template

A-16 - Minor adjustments in the heat of the moment

A-17 - Making one last tweak to finished bend


A-18 - Admiring the finished bend fitting the template

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