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November 21-22, 2009 Work Session

This album needs a general description of what work was done during the work session.

ao$ Angular notching over bracing

ak$ Custom fitting of wood pieces

ax$ Bill Liebman's custom fit carpentry

as$ Cab and coal bunk floor support being fitted to firemans side

ar$ Irene Szabo chisling base of noth

ac$ Sanded surface of Brazilian mineralized wood being used for cab - coal bunk - and water tank frame and floor support

av$ Notching to water tank support board to fit onto water tender truck frame

ad$ End grain of Brazilian wood being used - a 2 ibch by 8 inch board 10 feet long weighs 58 lbs

al$ Seam in cab-coal bunk floor support framing

ah$ Irene Szabo taking measurments on water tank frame support

au$ Grady Smith dancing a jig, happy about the wood tank supports installed on truck frame

aw$ Bolting together pieces of the water tank support frame fitted in place

aa$ Water tank support board ready to flip over and set into place after notching to fit frame

ae$ Haze in air from welding and milling machines

at$ Grady checking measurements on bolster swivel plate being machined

af$ One of three bolster swivel plates fabricated from a single block of steel each

aq$ Phil Ulmann frilling holes in new truck frame bottom arch bar

az$ Wooden floor engine side frame supports being fitted and installed

ap$ Steve Niederriter grinding truck arch bar

am$ Steve Niederriter - Joe Rogers - Philip Ulmann - grinding away on various enigine parts

ab$ Wooden water tank support grid finished installation on water tender truck frame

an$ Al Leyh setting up material in the power hacksaw

aj$ Making progress removing material to make new bolster swivel plate

ai$ Matt Duncan milling a new bolster swivel plate

ay$ Jon Canary cutting a truck shim on the bandsaw

ag$ Ed Ollet grinding on brake hanger after welding a repair

Jalbum 8.5