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Water tender frame now resting on the tender truck, and braces for draw bar pocket are in place waiting for draw bar pocket to be remounted to frame. It was removed to allow clearance to roll the truck under the frame. The really interesting point of interest from this perspective is the nice gap between the rub blocks on the opposing bolsters. At disassembly of the locomotive, these were touching, or nearly so. The bottom “blocks” are actually hollow sockets into which the expendable blocks are placed, with a few shims under them. As the miles add up on the locomotive, and the center plates wear, these shims will be systematically removed to maintain a small gap between the opposing rub blocks. If the frame is allowed to settle to the point that the blocks are heavily dragging and impeding the free-turning of the truck, the prospect of the locomotive derailing are very great.

Photo by Bill Liebman
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