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This and the next eight photos show the construction of the riser for the filler hole of our tender tank.

Before making this item, all the Cass locomotive tenders were looked at for ideas. Some openings were almost square (with small corner radii) others were basically oblong, with semi-circular ends. Some were just inches high, while others were much higher. One had a raw edge looking up, whereas others had angle-iron bent and riveted around the top edge. Hinges were very nice to quite crude. Handles and their means of attachment were all over the ball park, but one had none at all! What we are building hopefully combines the better features of the various risers and lids.

The two matching halves of the water tank inlet riser have been welded together. When completed, this will be welded to the matching opening (already cut into the tank lid by the manufacturer of the tank kit).

Photo by Rick Brigger
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