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Indicating the proper taper, or ramp, on one of the gear keys. The idea is to install the key stock in the milling vise with the top surface sloping. In this case, the taper was calculated over the distance of 7 3/8 inches. Two marks 7 3/8 inches apart were placed on the top of the key-stock. a dial indicator was placed on one of these marks, and set to "zero". The table was then moved longitudinally 7 3/8 inches, and the indicator needle was constantly in motion, as it was against a sloped surface. We kept going back and forth this same distance until the indicator read to match the calculated taper determined by Wayne and Lou. After each table movement, one end of the stock was tapped with a hammer to slightly shift it towards the desired taper. This sounds difficult, but really it is not.

Photo by Rick Brigger.
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