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PAT CHECKING GORDON'S MEASURING: Gordon and Pat measuring the front frame bolster for bolt placement and vertical clearances. This bolster is way different than the other two. Note the angle iron attached by the four bolts. This replaces a cast iron lip that was ripped off eons ago, most likely in a derailment that peeled the front truck from its proper place under the locomotive. The old center plate was very likely sprung, and ceased to be a tight fit to the bolster. Over the years this center plate "working" around trashed the seat for any and all new center plates that were to ever be placed there. This is the scenario that forced us to remove this bolster from the frame, and send it out for corrective machining. Consequently, the center plate for this location is a bit larger than the other two. The yellow numbers are for the plate width (between the arrows) and jaw opening (fore and aft, A&W).

Photo by Rick Brigger
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