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SANDBOX TOP CASTING: The repaired top sandbox casting. The salmon color was caused by heat from the weld repairs to the hinge-pin boss. The boss was broken through the pin-hole, with both the boss piece and lid MIA. The boss was repaired by placing a round graphite rod of the correct diameter into the saddle of the old pin hole, and covered over with torch-placed cast iron. The area painted blue is the sculpted weld repair. The lid shown is original, and it was used as a foundry pattern to cast a second lid, so we do have a matched set. The four vertical holes in the top casting are for draw-bolts that hold the assemblies together. The two holes in the large ears are for bolting the completed boxes to the back side of the tender tank. Moore and Kepple had these boxes mounted on the coal bunker, but Climax would place them on the back end of the water tank, if so desired. In fact, some firms elected to apply sandboxes to both the coal bunker AND water tank .

Photo by Rick Brigger
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