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Downward view of the rear portion of the main frame showing the longitudinal and diagonal bracing that helps hold the drawbar pocket in place. Refer to the Bill Liebman shot for a rear view of the drawbar pocket. The diagonals fasten to the top of the pocket, while the longitudinals anchor the bottom end of the pocket. The four vertical 1" bolts, with the oblong washers, suck the pocket up tight against the wooden end sill. Observe the two holes in the right hand longitudinal brace: at one time this piece of material was an "arch bar" from a Climax truck, that has been salvaged, and re-forged into its original flat configuration in order to make this brace. Recycling is nothing new; Moore and Kepple were poor, and made do with what they had on hand....a bunch of junk. Photo by Chad Thompson.
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